I’m not a business student, can I apply?

The Jardine Internship Programme is not limited to Business students. In fact, we welcome candidates from broad and diverse backgrounds to bring different perspectives to our business.

I don’t have a business background. How do I prepare for the selection process?

Our trainees come from all degree disciplines, and many of them do not have a business degree. We focus more on your leadership qualities and attitudes, rather than your technical knowledge.

Find out more about the qualities we are looking for here. On top of that, information on our company website and financial reports will also help you better understand our business.

Do you hire non-penultimate students or graduates?

Yes, we’re looking to recruit full-time university students graduating in 2023 to 2025, with no more than two years of full-time working experience.

If you have been working for a number of years, and accumulated a certain level of professionals experiences, you may want to consider applying for open positions under experienced hire.

Our JETS2023 in-take is now full. Applicants graduating between 2023 to 2025 will be considered for JETS2024 in-take and beyond.

Do you convert your interns into full-time graduate programme trainees?

The internship is one of the routes to the Jardine Executive Trainee Scheme (JETS), as well as our Group Companies’ graduate programmes. Click here for more information on JETS.

Can I make a speculative application by email?

You must apply by completing our online application form, which can be found here. Speculative applications by any other methods will not be considered.

How many interns will Jardines take on each year?

We don’t have a quota. We’ll take on high-calibre individuals as long as they meet our selection criteria, demonstrate leadership potential and excel in their performance throughout the entire assessment process.

If my application is successful, when will I start?

This year we have two internship in-take periods:

May 2023 In-Take (29 May – 4 August) and June 2023 In-Take (12 June - 18 August). These two periods apply to all four internship locations (China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, and Vietnam).

We encourage you to choose the in-take that works best for your schedule.

I applied to JIP/JETS previously and was not selected, can I re-apply?

If your application was unsuccessful and you would like to apply again, you’re most welcome to do so the following year as long as you are eligible.

However, you can only submit one Jardine Internship Programme application per year.

Do you sponsor visas?

We’re looking for individuals who have the right to work in China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, and Vietnam.

We encourage you to apply to your home country or the country you are currently studying in.

How should I prepare for the Online Assessments?

You are more than welcome to join our Rare Talent Academy.

From getting application hints and tips, to learning about real-life business challenges and solutions from our industry experts, our Rare Talent Academy webinar series will help gear you up for your desired career opportunities.

You may also visit our assessment provider’s preparation hub here to understand more about the strengths-based assessment approach and take some practice assessments there.

How long does it take to complete the Online Assessments?

For Online Assessment Part A, you’ll have three days to complete it upon receiving the invitation. The assessment itself is not timed, so in general it takes around 1 hour to complete it.

For Online Assessment Part B, you’ll have three days to complete it upon receiving the invitation. For the assessment itself, most of the questions are not timed (except for a few video-based questions on which a time limit is imposed). As a general reference, it takes around 2 hours to complete it.

Can I work on the Online Assessments on a tablet or mobile phone?

Yes, tablets and mobile phones are supported for the Online Assessment Part A but you’ll need your laptop or desktop computer if you’re invited to complete the Online Assessment Part B.

We recommend completing all assessments using a laptop or desktop computer.

Can I take the Online Assessments in my native language?

Both the Online Assessments Part A and Part B are set in English, as we expect our interns to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.

We pay special attention to write the assessment items in plain English to ensure that – regardless of whether English is a first or second language – all candidates will be on an equal playing field.

Whom should I contact if I encounter technical problems (e.g. internet disconnection during the test/can’t access the test platform)?

For Online Assessment Part A, in the rare case that you face technical challenges in completing a question, you may refresh the page and try again. If the issue persists, please contact our assessment provider by sending an email to JIP@cappfinity.com.

For Online Assessment Part B, the assessment is supported by Frequently Asked Questions documentation which can be accessed within the assessment. Just click on the Help button on the top right-hand corner. If this does not provide the answers you need, please contact our assessment provider by sending an email to JIP@cappfinity.com.

When will I hear back if I am invited to the Final Assessment?

You can expect to hear back from us approximately one week prior to the final assessment date. Invitations will be sent on a rolling basis.

What happens at the Final Assessment?

The final stage will take around 1 hour to complete. It’ll include two parts:

i) A 45-minute individual interview session with our Group HR management, to explore your areas of strength and development, as well as your motivation to join us.

ii) A 15-minute individual presentation on a business-related exercise, including Q&A.

Will you review the applications on a rolling basis?

We recruit on a rolling basis and will review applications as soon as we receive them so that candidates can receive updates from us promptly.

We encourage you to apply for the programme in-take of choice as soon as possible, but vacancies will not be filled until all candidates complete the assessments.

What skill sets or attributes are Jardines looking for?

We’re looking for high-potential graduates who possess a unique set of attributes. Find out if you have what it takes to be a Jardines Intern here.

Can I choose which business unit/project to work for?

We’ll be glad to know if you have any preferences, but our overall internship is designed to give you exposure to Jardines as a whole.

Can I shorten or extend my internship?

The internship is designed to be a 10-week programme. Our preference is for all interns to attend the internship in full.

Is JIP a paid internship?

Yes. The internship is paid.

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