We’re looking for a special type of talent to join our Jardine Executive Trainee Scheme (JETS). At Jardines, we have a name for these graduates that excel – Rare Talent.

If you’re a recent graduate with true leadership ability, along with the drive to push yourself and challenge the status quo, the boundless curiosity to learn new things, and the vision to realise a better future, we challenge you to apply to JETS.

Why join JETS?

Drawing on the deep leadership experience found throughout our businesses, Jardines is uniquely positioned to nurture exceptional graduates so they can develop into the world-class leaders of tomorrow.

Leveraging our scale, expertise, market knowledge and networks, our diverse portfolio can provide you with the exposure you need to cement business fundamentals and build your leadership skills. This will prepare you to lead, not only our business, but also our people.

You’ll get first-rate training that supports your continuous growth and development. You’ll be surrounded by supportive colleagues who motivate you, challenge you, and inspire you to become an extraordinary leader.

What to expect as a JET

JETS offers a three-year structured development programme that puts you on track towards a future leadership role with us.

Become a
future leader

You’ll see the ins and outs of our business in Asia and beyond through six leadership and business experiences across three years, spanning two industries along with one overseas assignment.

Explore opportunities
in Asia and beyond

You’ll seek new ways of working and improving customer experiences through curiosity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Inspire innovation
and change

You’ll drive sustainable practices and make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

people’s lives

If you aspire to inspire innovation and deliver change, while enriching millions of lives in Asia every day, you’re in the right place.

Are you a Rare Talent?

Student events

Are you a Rare Talent interested in joining Jardines? Attend our student events to find out what the path to a leadership role with us looks like. Come meet our trainees and HR team, where we’ll cover topics on assessment, our businesses and what it takes to become a future leader at Jardines.

Learn more

Rare Talent Academy

From getting applications hints and tips, to learning about real-life business challenges and solutions from our industry experts, our webinar series will help gear you up for your desired career opportunities.

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